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[GB] Reflection - PCB (Extras)

[GB] Reflection - PCB (Extras)

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Extra PCBs for Reflection.

Note: These are GB extras. If you attempt to purchase these without the purchase of a Reflection keyboard kit, your order will be cancelled. 


Technical Specifications

  • PCB Structure: 1.6mm FR4 (no flex cuts)
  • Processor: STM32F072
  • Software: QMK / VIAL
  • Switch Type: MX
  • ESD Protection: Onboard Fuse
  • Daughterboard: Custom DB (based on UDB-C4)
    • Also compatible with universal daughterboard (C4 model)
  • Cable Type: Molex EZMate to Molex EZMate

Kit Details

Each kit will include the following items:

  • chassis (top, bottom, and weight)
  • 1x plate of your choice
  • 1x PCB of your choice
  • 1x daughterboard + power cable
  • mounting kits
  • silicone bumpers
  • silicone feet
  • hardware
  • protection waffle cloth
  • carrying case

Layout Support



Group Buy Timeline

The group buy will be live from October 20th - November 20th. 
Expected fulfillment period will be end of Q1 2024.

Delays are possible due to the nature of the group buy process and these will be communicated via Discord and newsletter updates. 

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Optional add-ons for your Reflection